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Welcome to the official website of David Foster, a comedian and person from NYC.

It’s possible David is the only comedian who’s appeared on HBO, MTV, and Showtime, has a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, was arrested seven times as an adolescent, speaks Spanish fluently, performed Mama Said Knock You Out at his Bar-Mitzvah, has a black belt in karate and a daily meditation practice. If that wasn’t too much to digest then you’re ready for David’s uniquely cerebral brand of humor.

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Upcoming Gigs
6/7 Stand up NY 10:00pm   
6/7 Eastville Comedy Club 9pm   
6/5 Eastville Comedy Club 7, 9, 11pm   
6/4 Comedy as Second Language 9pm   
6/3 Lucky Jack's 9:00pm   
5/30 Rooftop Comedy 8:00pm    
5/27 Golden Rd. Brewery 8:30pm   
5/20 Golden Rd. Brewery 8:30pm    
5/19 Novel Cafe 8:00pm   
5/13 Golden Rd. Brewery 8:30pm   
5/7 Raffa's Lounge 9:00pm   
5/6 Golden Rd. Brewery 8:30pm   
4/30 Little Joy 9pm   
4/29 Golden Rd. Brewery 8:30pm   

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